lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Sicilian Job

Here we are, in Sicilia.

Where the trash and the smoke dirt the most beautiful land in World built by an Etna vomit.

The island is made of lava and nothing seems to be what it is.

I will tell you something about the Sicilian character. I visited Corleone, the small town which is so famous because the Coppola’s Godfather. Nothing there remember it, no mafia souvenir shops, no t-shirts or sticker.

I had a look at the DVD rental store. No Godfather I, II or III. Nor even one Mafia film. No Mafia in Corleone and do not make jokes about.

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  1. A Sicilian friend of mine said to me that you seemed to her grandmother when twenty-five years ago his parents moved to!nice blog!