sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Greek salad


I got away from Albania by boat, like the illegal emigrants who want to set up a new life in our paradise called Europe (the question is: Albania isn’t Europe as well?). But I did not have to hide my self at the border because my clean UE Passport and my working credit card. Some others are not so lucky and come here just to hit the Wall.

I arrived to Corfu. This is the other side of the same shore. From the Albanian port of Sarande you can see the beautiful Greek Island. Just few miles gap but two completely different worlds split up by the same sea. Nothing but goats in the east side, but in the other one you will find goats driving cars and drinking ouzo.

When I was waiting the ferry to leave Greece, the police checked all the trucks and they came across to guys hidden in. The cops also dismantled all my stuff looking for the heroin I should carry from Uzbekistan (they saw my passport).

I asked where were they from. “Afghanistan”, was the answer. “How do they come”, I insisted. “Walking”, was the answer. Ok, I am an adventure rider because I am having fun, but they are real heroes just because hunger.

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