lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Balcans, first leg

The Balcans. Probably, the most complex land in World, apart from Middle East. It is also one of the most beautifuls on Earth. So far, I have ridden Croatia, Bosnia and the non-existing country of Republic Srpska, a serbian nut into the Bosnian borders.

But there is no way to understand it unless you get a translator of the old echoes. Everything seems to be dark for extrangers.

We got one: Niksa, a guy from Split (Dalmacia, South Croatia) who defines himself as a "mediterraneo" and thinks he is, by blood and character, much closer to me than to a fucking guy from North Croatia, where they think and act as cold germans and do not use olive oil.

"We live in the Balcans, you understand, and each generation has its war. My father got his and also did my granfather. We can kill each other one day and the following one we can kiss each other, you understand. This is it from medieval times. When the wind blows from the south people get crazy"

I understand that war is no romantic at all and once you see the destruction and pain that is still there, can hardly believe these people could live in peace no longer.

But they do because the reason of fighting was to expulse the other, the different, the fucking neighbour who is far apart from me because is muslim, catholic or ortodox. And the task is already done. We let them to finish it.

But anyway, nowadays turists and moneny are coming and "this is it, you understand"

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