lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Meeting Ted Simon

I had the lucky strike of meeting Ted Simon recently in Benimantell, Spain, in an event for long distance travellers.

Some of you know perfectly who is Ted Simon and what he did. Ted Simon rode a motorcycle all over the World and wrote a book in the 1970's.

"The Jupiter travels" is the most famous book ever about adventure motorcycling. But it is not just about motorcycles or adventures, it is about life.

As he likes to say, he was not a biker, nor an adventurer. He was a writer and wanted to know the World. The bike was just a tool for his pourpouse. He started riding when he was 42.

I ride motorcycles because life and because writing. I ride to tell what I see and what I feel, I ride to meet people. People like my new friends Ramon Costa, who rode the whole World on a Honda Goldwing, or Juanto, who rode America on a Varadero.

Riding motorcycles is not about motorcycles, is about life.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Beautiful Princess (In Spain)

Hi, no bad turn without a good one. I left in Africa a whore from Spain and got from Africa a princess in Spain. Meanwhile I was riding Mali on the R100 G/S bleeding gas by the carburators seals, my German Princess, the R80 G/S I bought in Nairobi, was sailing from Port Elizabeth, Southafrica, to Vigo in Spain. I have to say thanks, thanks, thanks to my very good friends Rydall and Meg, who were taking care of her, avoiding rust and laziness.

They sent her to me on the Morning Cello. I took a night train and arrived Vigo early in the morning. The custom official could not understand what I was saying. "A kenyan registered bike sent from Southafrica? But you are UE citizen and resident, yoyu should import it and pay a lot of taxes".

Ok, no matter how, I managed to get the paperwork problem solved: no taxes payed and I am keeping the Kenyan plates. The Princess is perfect in her own way.

Keep safe, friends.

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Africa goodbay.

I am leaving tonight from Bamako airport. The storm has refreshed the air. The traffic jam smiles in the smoke. I hope be back soon to the adventure motorcycling somewhere.

jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

carburator problems

My carburator is gone. I've found here a german guy, Albert, who runs a hotel in Segu. He is a mechanic and we tried to fit a carburator from an abandoned BMW at the Police Station.

Unfortunately, it did not fit. So my trip ends here. He is going to keep my bike till I can come back to ride the Dogon Country in winter. Meanwhile, I still watching out.

miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Street life in Segu

I am in Segu, at the Niger river shore. The bike is broken down. Machines are not perfect but one still loves them.

It is not time to ride, it is time to see. The life is out there and every face has a story to tell.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Changing World

Sometimes, World can change in three seconds.

In other words, Why children worldwide love motorcycles so much?


The Sahel should be the hottest spot in Earth. I’ve never been in so warm mud. Politically talking also. WTF! The high temperature kills me. I am afraid of being kidnapped but I am not going to be quiet at home. I have to see by myself.

But in the other hand, life is too real in Africa. People get old quickly here.

Simon Millward was here few years ago He was a motorbike overlander and got killed in Mali, at Kayes region. So I visited the place and remembered him. We are riders and we are in risk. People do not understand us. Ok, they are not bikers and they misunderstand what they cannot understand.

Forget then and enjoy the ride. The beauty is out there.

sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Senegal baobabs

Yes, I know. Life is short but going to work from Monday to Friday is a fucking need for all. Ok. I spent two years on the road travelling all around the Globe. I know this is a gift that very few people can enjoy in life. I am too lucky.

The years off are gone but I am still thirsty of adventure and riding. So my challenge now is managing to do long trips by segments. Few weekends, one or two whole weeks now and then, plus the holiday month annually. Where can I go in a year? We will see it.

Now I am in Senegal. I rode a bike from Spain to Senegal one month ago, then I kept the bike in Dakar and went back home to work. Few days ago, I flew back to Dakar to ride again among baobabs. I am heading Mali.

When I finish this long trip by segments, I will do something else also by segments. Is it possible to be an overlander just during short holidays? I bet it is if you really want it.