sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

message for non bikers

There are bikers and there are normal people. It is not racism, it is a fact. The bikers who receive my mails understand perfectly what it is going on and why we are doing what we are doing. They know the truth: no physical action could be best to do is one is wearing cloths. And sometimes, riding could be even funnier than pushing, sweating and screaming like an angry owl if there is also an angry owl who doesn’t love you and pushes, sweats and screams. Better take your bike for a loop, she will love you only for good oil.`

This is a message for non bikers (bikers, you understand everything). If you wonder why the cold, the wind, the back aches, the risk, the rain, the potholes, the broken bones and the expensive insurances, just look at these pictures. If you can not imagina now how one could feel when riding the heaven, it is better you tell me: erase my address from your fucking e-mails.

Este es un mensaje para los no moteros (moteros, vosotros lo comprendéis todo). Si alguno se pregunta por qué el frío, el viento, el dolor de espalda, el riesgo, la lluvia, los baches, los huesos rotos y los carísimos seguros, tan sólo mirar estas fotos. Si no podéis imaginar ahora lo que uno puede sentir cuando recorre el cielo, es mejor que me digáis que os borre de una puta vez de mi lista de correo.

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