lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Meeting Ted Simon

I had the lucky strike of meeting Ted Simon recently in Benimantell, Spain, in an event for long distance travellers.

Some of you know perfectly who is Ted Simon and what he did. Ted Simon rode a motorcycle all over the World and wrote a book in the 1970's.

"The Jupiter travels" is the most famous book ever about adventure motorcycling. But it is not just about motorcycles or adventures, it is about life.

As he likes to say, he was not a biker, nor an adventurer. He was a writer and wanted to know the World. The bike was just a tool for his pourpouse. He started riding when he was 42.

I ride motorcycles because life and because writing. I ride to tell what I see and what I feel, I ride to meet people. People like my new friends Ramon Costa, who rode the whole World on a Honda Goldwing, or Juanto, who rode America on a Varadero.

Riding motorcycles is not about motorcycles, is about life.

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