sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Senegal baobabs

Yes, I know. Life is short but going to work from Monday to Friday is a fucking need for all. Ok. I spent two years on the road travelling all around the Globe. I know this is a gift that very few people can enjoy in life. I am too lucky.

The years off are gone but I am still thirsty of adventure and riding. So my challenge now is managing to do long trips by segments. Few weekends, one or two whole weeks now and then, plus the holiday month annually. Where can I go in a year? We will see it.

Now I am in Senegal. I rode a bike from Spain to Senegal one month ago, then I kept the bike in Dakar and went back home to work. Few days ago, I flew back to Dakar to ride again among baobabs. I am heading Mali.

When I finish this long trip by segments, I will do something else also by segments. Is it possible to be an overlander just during short holidays? I bet it is if you really want it.

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