jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Beautiful Princess (In Spain)

Hi, no bad turn without a good one. I left in Africa a whore from Spain and got from Africa a princess in Spain. Meanwhile I was riding Mali on the R100 G/S bleeding gas by the carburators seals, my German Princess, the R80 G/S I bought in Nairobi, was sailing from Port Elizabeth, Southafrica, to Vigo in Spain. I have to say thanks, thanks, thanks to my very good friends Rydall and Meg, who were taking care of her, avoiding rust and laziness.

They sent her to me on the Morning Cello. I took a night train and arrived Vigo early in the morning. The custom official could not understand what I was saying. "A kenyan registered bike sent from Southafrica? But you are UE citizen and resident, yoyu should import it and pay a lot of taxes".

Ok, no matter how, I managed to get the paperwork problem solved: no taxes payed and I am keeping the Kenyan plates. The Princess is perfect in her own way.

Keep safe, friends.

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