jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

the crazy camel

Pues sí, efectivamente, me he venido a Túnez. Así que voy a ser un buen turista y a colgar las imagenes que cualquier turista bueno espera ver en Túnez. Como un dromedario.

That´s right. I've come to Tunisia. So I am gonna be a good tourist and post it the tipical images any good tourist wants to see in Tunisia, like a camel.

Un tipo encallado en la arena del Sahara.

A guy sunk in Sahara sand.

Un oásis datilero.

A palm trees oasis.

Una ruina romana.

A roman ruin.

Un lago de sal sin agua.

A dried salt lake.

Una carretera con poco tráfico.

A non busy road.

Una casa "troglodita" berebere excavada en el suelo.

A dug berebere house.

Un yacimiento arqueológico bizantino protegido por la Unesco.

An archeologic site Unesco protected

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

No place like Home

Sicilian Job

Here we are, in Sicilia.

Where the trash and the smoke dirt the most beautiful land in World built by an Etna vomit.

The island is made of lava and nothing seems to be what it is.

I will tell you something about the Sicilian character. I visited Corleone, the small town which is so famous because the Coppola’s Godfather. Nothing there remember it, no mafia souvenir shops, no t-shirts or sticker.

I had a look at the DVD rental store. No Godfather I, II or III. Nor even one Mafia film. No Mafia in Corleone and do not make jokes about.

sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Spaghetti Western

I arrived to Brindisi in a beautiful morning. I put on Jackie and went to Naples to see the Mafia. The city is the most chaotic traffic jam I’ve ever seen. Noisy and crowed seems to explode in any moment like the Vesubian volcano. We would get caught in stone like the Pompeian dog. But meanwhile the explosion happens, napolitans are too busy going to visit their mama and eat her home made pasta.

From Naples to the South I rode the Amalfitan coast. Wonderful slaughter house. Beautiful risky, narrow and twisted road they use like a race track while they keep talking on their telefoninos. If my heart could resist it, I won’t never die of sad love or heart atack.

I took the ferry and crossed the Messina Gap. It has been my second time. The first one was 20 years ago, when I was almost 20 years old.

I travel to find my self. Standing on the deck I found out that the tango song is false when it says 20 years are nothing. 20 years are the long period of life I waste just to find my self crossing again the Messina Gap.

Greek salad


I got away from Albania by boat, like the illegal emigrants who want to set up a new life in our paradise called Europe (the question is: Albania isn’t Europe as well?). But I did not have to hide my self at the border because my clean UE Passport and my working credit card. Some others are not so lucky and come here just to hit the Wall.

I arrived to Corfu. This is the other side of the same shore. From the Albanian port of Sarande you can see the beautiful Greek Island. Just few miles gap but two completely different worlds split up by the same sea. Nothing but goats in the east side, but in the other one you will find goats driving cars and drinking ouzo.

When I was waiting the ferry to leave Greece, the police checked all the trucks and they came across to guys hidden in. The cops also dismantled all my stuff looking for the heroin I should carry from Uzbekistan (they saw my passport).

I asked where were they from. “Afghanistan”, was the answer. “How do they come”, I insisted. “Walking”, was the answer. Ok, I am an adventure rider because I am having fun, but they are real heroes just because hunger.

lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010


I got Albania, the hidest country in Europe. Full of bunkers, children, bad roads, ruins, and all the stolen Mercedes Benz,it seems to be an adventurer paradise.

Estoy en Albania, el más secreto país europeo. Lleno de bunkers, niños, atroces carreteras, edificios en ruinas y todos los Mercedes Benz robados del mundo, parece el paraíso del aventurero.

I think I am totally mad because it is here where I am having fun. My European loop was like wearing silk and drinking Moet Chândon. But this is real stuff again.

Debo estar totalmente loco porque porque es aquí donde me lo estoy pasando bien. Mi viaje europeo ha sido como vestir galas de seda y beber champán del caro. Pero esto es la vida real.

Why is it so real? Because food is real, people are real and also the risk of riding a motorcycle.

¿Por qué es tan real? Porque lo son la comida, la gente e incluso el riesgo de montar en moto.

No more well cooked ruins for tourists, no more "No smoking, respect speed limits or do not drink and drive". Fuck off all of these western world rules for weak owls who like to scream at night.

No más bien preparadas ruinas para turistas, no más "prohibido fumar, sea prudente, respete los límites de velocidad, no beba y conduzca". Que se jodan todas esas normas occidentales para nenazas asustadas.

The command is just: "You, small kid on a motorcycle, survive or die, but get off my way, I got no driver license but I have a stolen Mercedes Benz strong as tank!!

La consigna es simple: "eh, tú, motorista, sobrevive o muere, pero quita de en medio. No tengo carné de conducir pero sí un Mercedes robado potente como un tanque"

I love it or hate it. I do both. Come here to have fun, if you can be still alive.

Amalo u odialo. Yo hago las dos cosas al mismo tiempo. Ven y diviertete, si es que sobrevives.

viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Riding the CNN

Recorrer los Balcanes es como subirse a un telediario. Eslovenia, Croacia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo y Macedonia eran hasta ayer como quien dice un gigantesco país llamado Yugoslavia que era, además, el más libre detrás del Telón de Acero.

Tito supo hacerlo. Creo que ese sujeto debería ser mejor estudiado. Tras su muerte, la televisión nos mostró un horror inaudito, por terrible y por cercano. ç

Hoy vale la pena darse una vuelta por aquí y mirar un poco más allá de las maravillosas costas croatas.

Riding the Balcans is like to get on the TV News. Eslovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Mecedonia were yesterday a huge country named Yugoslavia.

Tito made it. I think that guy deserves a deeper study. After his death, TV showed and extreme horror, because cruel and because it was so close to us.

Today is worth to visit and look further the beautiful croatian beaches.